Hello Everyone here again for my daily Wicca blog post,This time we will deal with Wicca Symbols and their meanings.

The Pentagram:The Pentagram is a circle with a star inside. The Pentagram is often confused with being evil,the reason beinf is the Church of Satanism's logo is a upside down Pentagram.Most people now think the Pentagram is evil because of that.However the Pentagram is wore by modern day Wiccans for Protection and to strengthen their spell casting. The Pentgram also has five side the top represents the main element Spirit and each of the other sides represents the 4 elements water,earth,fire, and air. The Pentagram also appears on the Wicca ritual altar

Ankh: The Ankh is the Egyptian Cross of life and is seen a lot in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.Wiccans adopted the Ankh from Ancient Egyptians religions and is used today in many Wiccan rituals

Chalice:A cup or wine-type glass of any material is one of the most important altar tools.A cup or wine-type glass of any material is one of the most important altar tools.

The Goddess:Many Witches and pagans wear and use symbols of the Goddess, since She is primary in nature-based religions.The Goddess is the Earth; the Earth is the Goddess. As is the Moon, the Ocean, and the very Cycle of Life. As a nature religion, the Goddess is inextricably interwoven with Wicca.

Triquetra:This is a Celtic symbol,When used as a Wicca symbol it generally connotes the Triple Goddess, or the three levels of being - body, mind, and spirit / soul.

The Moon:The Moon is more than just a Wicca symbol. She is a primary Wiccan Goddess.The Moon represents the Feminine Aspect of the Divine. The Yin which balances the Male God's Yang.The Moon is the Mother of all life on Earth. She is associated with the Spiral of Life - birth, death, and rebirth. She grants our wishes. She guides our dreams. 

Thank you to Wicca Spirituality for help with the artical

These are not all the Wicca symbols,but ones I thought were interesting to know about. I will be posting more soon


Erosfan222 aka Sean

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