Levantera and Zephyros

I tune in with the air

Which is so fair

Seize the touch of breeze

For a moment, you freeze

Haven't you realized that

it can be visualized?

I fell from my mind

As the wind entered inside

I was relieved and pleased

For a moment everything seized

levantera carves the cave 

zephyros creates the wave

as I invoke the sparkly blue

levantera plays with the sky’s hue

I ballet with zephyros

the cool breeze blows

I reach the birds above

And the animals that love

Bless them with the wind’s kiss

As I send them to an immortal bliss

my energy raises

we dance with dark blazes

zephyros follows me everywhere

blowing air between my hair

the aura shifts to silver and blue

and I enter a world new

We take our flights

dancing in the  nights

I sing my serenade to laventera

She n I drift to a different era

We invoke the hurricanes

I feel the wind growing within my veins

Zephyros enters my cocaine heart

His magic in me shall never depart

I dance along with zephyros

Softly on my toes

In the eye of a storm

Is where I belong

Now in trance I invoke a tornado

M bound to it by a silver flow

From this world I cut my knot

I’am free, I can never be caught.


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