• FHLove

    Hello guys, it's me, Tea~!, I'm helping Magnus to calculate the time for our course.

    Still need one last touch to plan the course time,

    I realized we had a difference in our GMTs. And here, I'm going to ask each one of the students of their preferred time for the spiritual course.

    The students are :

    - TrustyPistol

    - Truely Unknown

    - Angeldareaper

    - Novawave

    - Chz Tea

    - Jj27979

    - DaPowerofDaMind

    - Vegeta8390

    The course will be held on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Just tell me :

    ~ What time fits you?

    ~ Your time zone, or your location so I can find it out.

    I will discuss it with Magnus later, we will try our best to choose the time that suits every one of us.

    Some quote from Magnus : "I realized I've been a big jerk and not followed the plan, a lot of things poppeā€¦

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