Hello guys, it's me, Tea~!, I'm helping Magnus to calculate the time for our course.

Still need one last touch to plan the course time,

I realized we had a difference in our GMTs. And here, I'm going to ask each one of the students of their preferred time for the spiritual course.

The students are :

- TrustyPistol

- Truely Unknown

- Angeldareaper

- Novawave

- Chz Tea

- Jj27979

- DaPowerofDaMind

- Vegeta8390

The course will be held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Just tell me :

~ What time fits you?

~ Your time zone, or your location so I can find it out.

I will discuss it with Magnus later, we will try our best to choose the time that suits every one of us.

Some quote from Magnus : "I realized I've been a big jerk and not followed the plan, a lot of things popped up but now I'm back. As an apology everyone who wants to join can PM me and get the link and approval. My old students are welcome without doubt. Thanks to chz tea too"

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