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  • Gacsam

    Technomagic: Scan-Tester

    September 9, 2017 by Gacsam

    1. Chooses random attributes from a defined set list (shape, colour, functions) and creates a construct based on them.
    2. Multiple difficulties, colour and shape, 1 function, 2 function and more!
    3. Lists the attributes, hidden under a box, stopping the user from seeing them.
    4. The user scans the construct, once they decide to see the result, they press Begin, it disappears, attributes show.
    5. There's a 5% chance a function (3% for colour and shape) will be replaced with EMPTY, which also will help with practice against frontloading/AOL.

    Check it out here:

    Thanks to Esdras, Mario, Mari's Mage, Rishin, Mouseroot, Luiqwa, Helio for helping with this project.

    What do I need to run it? You need access to a devi…

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  • Gacsam

    Gacsam's: How To Start

    October 31, 2013 by Gacsam

    Almost every day I see new people asking for help how to start, where to begin, and how to learn whatever-kinesis, the reason for making this guide is to help, and guide people to easier learn whatever they wish.

    Note: Do NOT strain yourself, if you feel you're running out of energy, take a break, damaging your energy body can have different effects on you, which aren't good.

    Note 2: This guide is mostly to help with Psycho-Kinesis based abilities, and is quite useless for most ESP abilities.

    Start off with learning Energy Manipulation, this is the fundament for every "kinesis".

    Note: this is very important, as without being able to control energy, you won't be able to affect anything.

    Progress onto Psi Ball page and Constructs, this is useful,…

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