Almost every day I see new people asking for help how to start, where to begin, and how to learn whatever-kinesis, the reason for making this guide is to help, and guide people to easier learn whatever they wish.

Note: Do NOT strain yourself, if you feel you're running out of energy, take a break, damaging your energy body can have different effects on you, which aren't good.

Note 2: This guide is mostly to help with Psycho-Kinesis based abilities, and is quite useless for most ESP abilities.

Start off with learning Energy Manipulation, this is the fundament for every "kinesis".

Note: this is very important, as without being able to control energy, you won't be able to affect anything.

Progress onto Psi Ball page and Constructs, this is useful, because energy balls have tons of uses, and are very easy to use.

Note: these creations don't have to be spheres, they can be squares, pyramids and whatever you want, spheres are simply the most basic shape to use.

Continue onto the Shields page, because some people say the use of energy caught some entities' attention.

Note: It does not mean that just because you're learning it, you will be "possessed" or whatever, the chance of you gaining entity's attention are very little, because they have much more fun stuff to do.

Then continue onto whatever you wish to learn.

If you need help, leave a message here - right underneath the blog, or on my message wall / talk page.

If you think you'll need constant help, make an account (takes less than 5 minutes), and come to the Chat, where we can easily help you with any problems you have.

Good luck, Gacsam Talk Hollow

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