Profile Quote~

"I hate having to jump into convo's, idea's, or subjects without prior knowledge or facts to back me up..but if religion can do it!" -The Young Alchemist'

About Me~

Good-MorningAfternoon, or perhaps Evening; which ever it may be for you the reader, Greetings! And welcome to my profile~ My name is Sakai, and I am an Generic Alchemist.. The first and only of my kind.. Before you judge, allow me to explain..

First and far most I am an Alchemist and like a pirate and Alchemist has goals, journeys, and even legacy's that define them; my legacy is in the making and I'm taking precautionary steps to Master my Craft and Perfect my Art so that my legacy will not be in vain..

File:Powers we all have, but rarely use...-0

My Craft being Alchemy

And my Art being Survival...A.o.S; The Art of Survival <------------ My one and true Art~

Now to explain the Generic part.. You see, you may choose to believe or not believe what I am about to tell you but know this..I do not know you the reader reading this post right now; so why would I need to lie to you? Why would I make you read this far just to decieve you...I wouldn't.. But nevertheless, the truth is that I am an Vampire; A 100% pure Generic Vampire. I say Generic because I was made and not born a pure blood; a lot to explain but..well...there it is. Want to know more? Well, just ask..


Things you should know about me futhermore: I'm an upcoming Psychic and Former Spy~ <---------- Wanna know more? Just ask~

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