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    June 14, 2014 by Gingepusscat123


    So, it seems that when learning Psionics, there's one or two things you pull off that make you really proud of your abilities. It would be awesome if some people shared, in their opinion, the best thing they've ever done (in Psionics ;P)

    See you around!!

    - Ginge

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  • Gingepusscat123

    Well, here it is! Copied straight from my dream journal, here are my lucid dreams so far.

    In my "scribblings" (;D) I talk about the dream, as many tiny details as possible, what the dream could be hinting towards and also what could be about (i.e. centered around a certain ability etc. etc)

    Well, here goes nothing :

    02/02/2014 - "Concert Hall"

    In some kind of concert hall. Orange walls, wooden, furnished. Leather seats. Some kind of theatre production / music production playing. People talking, not many. Practically empty theatre. Playing some kind of drum in the audience, maybe some kind of African instrument? Talking, laughing.

    10/02/2014 - "Atmokinesis Power"

    Rainy street, murky, cold. Grey sky. Trees and lamppost to the left of me. I am incr…

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    Well, where do I start?! ;)

    For one, how would I deduce my natural ability? Through talks with various members of the site and my own reasearch, I would say Hydrokinesis plainly because literally everything I love most in life ends up being related to the colour blue, water, rain or something in a liquid state. But is there some kind of technique or way to find out for sure what your natural ability is? Thanks!

    Another question would be how to force pressure on something. Let's say - smashing a lightbulb. How would you exert pressure on the bulb, forcing it to break? As usual, techs or tips would be the best thing.

    It would be awesome if someone could also leave some stories of how they've used Psi in the best way - i.e. what's the best thing…

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