Well, here it is! Copied straight from my dream journal, here are my lucid dreams so far.

In my "scribblings" (;D) I talk about the dream, as many tiny details as possible, what the dream could be hinting towards and also what could be about (i.e. centered around a certain ability etc. etc)

Well, here goes nothing :

02/02/2014 - "Concert Hall"

In some kind of concert hall. Orange walls, wooden, furnished. Leather seats. Some kind of theatre production / music production playing. People talking, not many. Practically empty theatre. Playing some kind of drum in the audience, maybe some kind of African instrument? Talking, laughing.

10/02/2014 - "Atmokinesis Power"

Rainy street, murky, cold. Grey sky. Trees and lamppost to the left of me. I am incredibly skilled at atmokinesis and I make it rain using my mind. Starts to rain heavily. I smile - possibly because I am proud or impressed at what I can do?? Long road, don't know where.

06/06/2014 - "Skate Park"

Bright, at some kind of concrete "skate-park" looking thing. There's a long line of people there, I think they are friends within the dream. I start to climb a ladder up to a higher bit of concrete and see the line of people. I think someone is behind me, also climbing up the ladder to talk to me.

07/06/2014 - "Festival"

At some kind of festival. With G&G (grandy and grandpa) and Mum. In G&G's car, parked it and walked off into the festival.  I'm suddenly with Will ( best friend) so we both just talk. Eventually I get bored so I go back to Grandy and Grandpa's car. A random woman gets in and says that they shouldn't be parked here and she should move the car, and proceeds to drive down a small road past a HUGE queue, with Grandy and Grandpa and Mum relatively at the back. She then parks and gets out, I get out and walk up the road we drove down to find Mum and G&G, but they are walking up to the other car park where the car was, so I tell them.

(I'm guessing this is the point where I woke up, but I don't know. I can't remember anything after that)

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