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  • GoingQuantum

    The New Power Station

    October 28, 2013 by GoingQuantum

    I am on the search for the perfect kinesis and since this site hasn't given me that I have decided to ask everyone to post there kinesis idea or just an official kinesis they found in the comments and I will list them and sort them out, this will not only help me out but it will help you and the site, the site gets new ideas and maybe you will find your perfect ability here as well so just go all out!!!!


    Aetherkinesis- The manipulation of aether-psi

    Cthonikinesis- The manipulation of nether-psi

    Mstokinesis- The manipulation of mystic-psi (not mana)

    Credit for abilities go to Nitsualol24

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  • GoingQuantum

    Going Quantum Podcast

    September 30, 2013 by GoingQuantum


    Here are just some random psi0onics related stuff: 

    The secret to manipulating Ether has been FOUND, im gonna keep the identity of this person unknown cuz i have know idea if they want me to mention them.

    Here are some questions on psionics:

    what does astral projecting look like i have heard it on some websites but i want to hear it from you guys!!!

    what does exomental projection look like!?!

    Other Stuff

    Nitsu told me some possible new kinesis-es?

    Mytsokinesis-magic energy control

    Cytokinesis-cell controll

    Penotokinesis? Pentokinesis? i think but its the power to take a psionic or psychic ability FOR YOURSELF

    pretty bad apples dont ya think?!?!

    im gonna let the staff look at this part so they can l…

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  • GoingQuantum

    The Going Quantum Podcast

    September 22, 2013 by GoingQuantum

     Hey guys, if anyone is wondering who i am im Going Quantum also known as TrustyPistol

    Here are some stuff that I wanna get out to you guys so here they are:

    Psychokinesis and other powers how far can we take it, how good can someone be?

    A few abilties which i will mention in a later blog, they are experimental so dont freak out....

    the ability to have the powers and attributes of mythilogical gods and monsters...maybe?why not?

    Ether/Aether/The fifth element, look it up come back to me and see if we can get control of that. If you dont want to i will explain in the comments.

    I think we should bring back a few pages


    Something that has to do with manipulation of imagination and dreams,

    Anti-Psi (btw ive been deman…

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  • GoingQuantum

    This hasn't been going around recently but it has been on my mind to tell you guys this. Now most of you know that when it comes to psionics I never put anyone down when it comes to how far and how powerful they can get, the sky's the limit right? Well I had an epic clarity moment and realized just because we have godly powers, does not make us gods. Lemme give a few examples:


    Just beacause you know pyrokinesis does not mean you aquire a resitance to heat, you will burn your hands off if you try to make a fire ball.

    And putting your hands in or even dangerously close to fire is NOT "training" for pyrokinesis. And if you try to breath fire out of your mouth you will probably burn your insides before it hits someone.



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