Hey guys, if anyone is wondering who i am im Going Quantum also known as TrustyPistol

Here are some stuff that I wanna get out to you guys so here they are:

Psychokinesis and other powers how far can we take it, how good can someone be?

A few abilties which i will mention in a later blog, they are experimental so dont freak out....

the ability to have the powers and attributes of mythilogical gods and monsters...maybe?why not?

Ether/Aether/The fifth element, look it up come back to me and see if we can get control of that. If you dont want to i will explain in the comments.

I think we should bring back a few pages


Something that has to do with manipulation of imagination and dreams,

Anti-Psi (btw ive been demanding that forever,get to that, or if you can find the guy who made it get him or her to this place)

Emotional energies the manipulation of these energies....maybe

Celestial Spirits and the manipulation or attonement of the abilities of these spirits

If you guys can astral travel how come we do not have as much knowledge as we should!?!?

I have read and heard that you can gain knowledge from astral travel and the beings or whatever there can answer your questions.

Abilities from animes that might be real things.....maybe? Here are examples:

Fairy Tail: Dragon Slayer Magick=Elemental Magic

Naruto: Ninjustsu/Ninja Arts= Hardcore chakra manipulation/ Master Energy Manipulation

DBZ: KAMEHAMEH HAAAAA!!!= Chi Manipulation duh

Updates on Peg: 

Won't be on alot cuz of school

Training Progress: Sucky....blame school and football practice

Might be changing my username.....AGAIN i know, be ready for it

This is my first podcast so i will be accepting comments/question/ideas to put on here from you guys and i will put it on the next podcast i make so get those juices flowin. NOTE: If you have an idea submit it in the comments with #pegboardpodcast so i know its for my podcast and not some random thing.


Thank You for tuning in for the Pegboard Podcast

See Ya!!!

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