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  • I was born on January 6
  • I am male
  • Greenfire9

    telekinesis technique

    February 20, 2014 by Greenfire9

    this is what I like to call the object energy vibration resonense telekinesis.

    The idea behind this is you scan an object for its energy field frequency,you get a sound diffrent materials have diffrent pitches and  then project enery in any way you choose but with the same frequency that it has,visalize with this energy the object moving in the way you want (or that it natraly goes).So trying different  ideas with this like using the hand moving/minds arm to make a pressure ,  I found  helps.I just visalize the object moving inthe way I want,or just focus on a part of the object to make a pressure...By also feeling the object with my mind too helped..that part is hard to explain...Anyways I got a good resault from this and wanted…

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  • Greenfire9

    my energy levels

    February 17, 2014 by Greenfire9

    my energy levals differ more and more as time progresses.Like somethimes I have strong energy with a high vibration,other times I feel stuck and it feels like I can't channal.Lately this has been an issue with practicing,so help please?

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  • Greenfire9

    mental augmentation

    January 30, 2014 by Greenfire9

    Mental augmentations is the abbility to change the way you think,this can be dangrous but also very useful.

    with mental augmentation I was hoping to gain better phychokinetic abbility mostly telekinesis.What I did was,one night I was practiceing and had a thought of what if a pastlife may know how to do I layed down and got myself into a lucid dream state then I had the thought again,at this point I imagined a city of many people milling about each person had a mental value in my mind.I was the ruler of this place think you are the arttitect or god  and you can change any one of these people.thus ho do you do this?easy instead of promoteing r trying to kill one of them to either erease or make them more active posses them.make your …

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  • Greenfire9

       this is a journal for my expierces so I can sort things out

    1-29-14 OK for the last yaer or so an enity has been bothering me.She tries to commune with me,but it's hard to hear than others could it be someone projecting  them selves? possibly but ,on the 28th of janary,she did a full projection.This has happened only happened a few times already,what happens is I sense a presense then I see her long black hair,eyes that I can never rember,I find her actractive im not sure thats the point though.

    when she projects she  touches my neck for somereason from behind I'm not sure of what to think of this ,last night after practiceing  my form of pyrokinesis,after she touched me I during tried to sheild mysllf,after she saidnow you knowhow to use m…

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  • Greenfire9

    knowledge of the lost

    January 20, 2014 by Greenfire9

    I feel this should not be expressed in mere words lets be poetic

    forever to neaver to be seen as lost,they forgotten for reasons of socity 

    lost to greif and hate 

    fires awaken again to thy brethren!

    the path of strong or weak

    knowledge from where? speak not the words not gone or lost to time

    inverses of mandation of old and new ,damm us how,the day of new is come and to pass ,from the ashes of the old see the dream the world is come and new,mercy to us and hark to the silenced tounges

    pheonix of forgotten tell me yore of the truth?is there none but to unify all

    this needed to get out of my system I'll have more later

    automatic writeing 

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