This is one of my favorite abbilities.It is helpful to know reality conrtol before any abbility,a cheap way for me at least is to keep thinking what I want to happen for me make it into a beam of energy or make a psi ball and explode it in a replusuin.for telepathy I did this for about a week and got resaults not just that I practicted like a madman.practice with telepath works like this to me

1.warm your energy up by makeing psi balls for 5 min ( at least for me) you will know because there will be an energy surge suddenly

2.after that think of someone in which you would like to speak think of their face or if an empath feelings

3 sit in a comfortable position or lay down what ever works for you

4.make a psi beam that is don't try to use your hands 

5.with the beam visalize it will work like a compass so it points to the person you are thinking of choose the coler of your choice

6.may the beat point to the target then surge a large burst (which I call a energy colllem) around the targets head and return to you

the beam I think collected info ajnd returned to you ,I will keep thinking of ways of how to explain this 

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