this is a journal for my expierces so I can sort things out

1-29-14 OK for the last yaer or so an enity has been bothering me.She tries to commune with me,but it's hard to hear than others could it be someone projecting  them selves? possibly but ,on the 28th of janary,she did a full projection.This has happened only happened a few times already,what happens is I sense a presense then I see her long black hair,eyes that I can never rember,I find her actractive im not sure thats the point though.

when she projects she  touches my neck for somereason from behind I'm not sure of what to think of this ,last night after practiceing  my form of pyrokinesis,after she touched me I during tried to sheild mysllf,after she saidnow you knowhow to use my power but it was no use,I almost feel threatened I feel she is angry

As I write this something feel strange like she may be sugesting thing not to devolge,I also do not feel my self like she is attached now or some connection has formed she does at times seem to just control me,it is not a now evry action seems less graceful and I phyicaly feel somewhat weaker eventhought Im not.



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