So as stated in the title I am going to talk about what happens when I am (or was in a trance).

Description of what happens:I have a feeling of energy all around me ,I hear noises from the physical world in a strange distorted way like the volume and frequency changes from high to low.also my eyes are always open no matter what you say ,I know this was no dream,why? Because when I was 9 years old I lay awake at night fear some nervous feeling like an evil spirit hunting me -observing.Or was the entity giving a trance to me to show me there is something else? well then ,lets just say it was frightening ?scary ?weird? Anyways when ever I felt that presence I had strange encounters,so is it behind this my intuition says no.Also in one experience that I had without the entity is when I saw 3 lights orbs blue, green and orange I was attracted to the orange one for some reason I focused on it feeling a bit strange to say what? to it then it disappeared all of them gone.The night after was one of the most awesome thing that I experienced plain wow.ok sitting in bed waiting for the orbs to return I din't know what the were (and are) once I got bored of waiting I just lay down to sleep 10 mins later is when it happened.

I felt a tingling feeling from the middle of my back (slightly on one side the right) it spread to everywhere then it kept getting stronger and stronger then I was like awesome what now? well I levitated from the laying down position from a pressure on the back I looked and say most of me was surrounded in a mist is what I thought then,now I call it pure blue thing to take note of is every time I speak to an entity or something like it that same spot where I felt that energy feels energized and something forgain is there.      

one question is why,what,and how does this happen to a kid who was not interested in psi new only of medium ship and thought it bologna,since then I have always been interested in the spiritual world and have a profound intuition.

any answer would be pleasing thank you!

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