I have learned many things since I was young .strange anomalies have bothered me like the concept of a green lantern like power ,yes that sounds not real ,but always remember anything is possible that is with the right visualization.

what happened is I wanted to do something to protect myself with shielding,so I surrounded myself in energy.Then visualized a giant plate of metal every particle of steel that I could think of, strand, molecule.then I thought how dense is this material I thought very dense! And before I knew it a weight of steel that I felt with my mind not my body was levitating 6 inches above me.I kept my concentration on so I could touch it definity steel if you ask me.I was displeased with this for some reason and threw it to the ceiling at which point as I left the grasp of concentration stayed visible for a second then vanished into some weird black smoke.I was totally awake and not hallucinating,for one I was sitting up just thinking of something to do,and also I try to make myself feel pain during or right after an experience and it worked.

kinetic conjuring is not new I have a feeling for some reason.With this I have basically nearly mastered,you can make spirits come of banish then into the netherworld if you feel inclined or are angry at them. The process works like this 1 make you attention to a certain place in a room 2 visualize energy from every place in the room converge into a singular point or ball Hint don't make a psi ball for me this doesn't work 3 think of a name or some spirit that you want to meet 4 with said name don't take your attention off that or what is going to be the kinetic portal 5 keep thinking the name think where are you? try to get a mental image to where the entity is,then think of a tunnel of energy which is the point now connect that to the place you saw ps it helps to know remote viewing 6 then think of a way of pulling the entity through the tunnel ie,a pressure force or a giant hand does this well while I did this I kept thinking the entities name over and over ,once through close the portal just close it I cant explain this part this is where I get stuck but that is one type of kinetic conjuring.try not to make them angry that is a very bad idea .

whth any kinetic abbilty I notice a certen pull of energy,the greater the connection the greater the pull and the greater the disired effect.

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