Mental augmentations is the abbility to change the way you think,this can be dangrous but also very useful.

with mental augmentation I was hoping to gain better phychokinetic abbility mostly telekinesis.What I did was,one night I was practiceing and had a thought of what if a pastlife may know how to do I layed down and got myself into a lucid dream state then I had the thought again,at this point I imagined a city of many people milling about each person had a mental value in my mind.I was the ruler of this place think you are the arttitect or god  and you can change any one of these people.thus ho do you do this?easy instead of promoteing r trying to kill one of them to either erease or make them more active posses them.make your self go into any one of them that might represent what you are trying to change.think of floating into the body of one and either yell into it's head what you want,or use mental domination.There are other ways to chance the way you precive the world this way is direct and can scar your mind if done inproperly.

why this may or may not work for some people all depends on associtation with the ideas that you posses to change.It may not work because of a false associtation,which is you subconsisly remember a expiercence but lean false things from it.If one were to change this then,since you have active associtations and differing subconsis associtations then as you may be aware of the active the subconsis changes little.The subconsis then may try to heal any diffrence that is made,the way to make something more premenant is with moer indirect methods to change the change ones preceptions of your own mind may try to fight it'self protecting the old ideas,so in your lucid dream you may get attacked...

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