Yup, that's right. I was dark the whole time. I joined the order as a spy to learn more abilities. I wanted to tell this later, but electron fooled me cause he already knew that I was dark. I was first light, I helped people, I wanted to have peace, bla bla bla, but then I realized that the dark side is more powerful. But one of the reasons why I am dark is because I'm an atheist. God does NOT exist. The people say things to me such as: wow the devil's tricks are really working on you, but actually the whole religion thing is the human's tricks. The humans created religion for their uses. For example: if everyone would be an atheist, then most of the people would be bad. They wouldn't care because nothing will happen to them if they are evil. Which is true. Spirits are immortal, but not the bodies. You see, you "die" because your body gets weak and your spirit can't go on anymore, so it either finds a new body, or it stays like a spirit a.k.a. ghost. That's why I'm working on immortality and I must say I am close to it. So, now you all know the truth.

PS: Sapphire, please. You don't have stealth. So remove it from your abilities if you want.

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