• GumBall123 is back

    Guys, I came back to this wiki to chat, and have fun, but due to the fact that all the awesomest people ( except for some of you ) left, I am demoralated to be on this site. Ever. Plus, I already know everything I need to know, so this wiki is a real piece of shit to me. I want to say goodbye again, I got all my friends from this site on facebook, and skype, so I will be in contact with you. Non of the psi wiki business interests me anymore, and I don't want to work with anyone from other countries ( except for: horsyqueen, Stormmer, and Strahovuk ). I don't waste time on psi wiki, but this is just a complete shit now that everything fun and exciting has vanished.

    Well, bye guys, and I am hoping to chat with Strahovuk later, when she finished s…

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