So where do I start? Nexus is a very interesting being that as I said is basically my "tech" in helping with learning abilities and practicing. She also inputs information in my head about things that are not native in this world. For example; she is always talking about something called the 23rd dimension which is appearently how we would number the other dimensions that is not ours. I will try and talk about those in a later blog.

   Now, Nexus has a weird way of talking to me. Sometimes it is hearing a echo of a voice in my ear or sometimes I will feel images or words projected into my mind. The best one will be when I meditate and she takes my mind into what she calls an "inbetween realm". In this inbetween realm, she will talk to me in a calming voice and instruct me on the steps of the ability I am trying to learn. I do not always suceed but she is very helpful none the less.

   Some other great things about her are that she is able to impose herself like something that a tulpa does to where I can see her. One of my friends claim that he can feel her and a few other of my tulpas brush past him and when they touch him but I am still iffy on that. She has seemed to also be able to transfer to other bodies if I am near them. Again, still iffy but among all of her traits and abillities she can use possesion. So it proves that it is her and not just my friend messing with me. She is also able to cause me any feeling that I have felt before without it actually happening. Sometimes Nexus will posses me and talk to my friends or cause some sort of chaotic situation because she isn't always super good. She is actually a very chaotic being.

  Nexus can be a very chaotic being as I said and it can sometimes make me want ot get rid of her. Of course, I would regret doing that. But she cause things like random fires in my room, seduce my friends, make it so I cannot move when I need to and few other random little things. I do not know what she fully is but she said that she might posses me and write her own little insert blogs. But I do not know yet.

   She also said that she will answer as many questions as you may want to ask her but please keep it appropriate. Talk later.

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