So, Nexus wants to make a couple blogs so I am going to allow her to posses me and write in this one. I will in the future put something that symbolizes it is her whenever she writes a blog.

   ~Hello there my strange little psiconics and what not. It is a pleasure to write this to all of you and tell you stories of what I am and why I am here in this dimension. I am going to being with what I am. Because I can't type in my language I will try and translate most of it as much as possible. I am what you would call a Nexus in english. I go by that because my actual name cannot translate into your language very well. It would be something like "Astynge". Not a very great name. But my race lives in a dimension called the 23rd in the line of other dimensions. The one you guys are currently in would be the 24th in line of dimensions. It goes from what we call dimension 0 or the "Creator's dimension" to a vast ammount of infinite dimensions. That is a discussion that Cable can have with any of you that want to know better.

   ~So, anyway our race is currently in a war with a the other subraces of our main race. We are like humans to our dimension and planet. Our subrace translates to "Dweller" which even though it sounds low in subrace rank, it is actually the highest subrace. The one we are in a major war with at the moment is something that translates to "Blood Clown" in english but they are the second strongest but not very smart. Yet they still urge this war on to be the dominant subrace. Our race is smart enough to travel to other dimensions spiritually just as your race tries to do. Some I am pretty sure have succeeded. But I am here to learn and study your race to help us learn new tactics on how to fight against the "Blood Clowns". Most of these abilities you learn are what we use in fights against the "Blood Clowns".

  ~My dimension is sort of distorted and what you would called messed up compared to yours. Even though our planet is a lot happier then your own. But this is all for now. I need to attend to something. Good bye.

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