Like Cecil, I am one who messes around with tulpae. It is a very fun thing to do in my opinon but very stressful as well. I created my first one because of Cecil actually. But it was on accident and not the way I fully wanted my first one to be. But she ended up being a great one. 

My first tulpa's name is Violet. She is about 5'2" and if she had a weight it would be about 90-95lbs. She has long black hair that goes down past her shoulders to her breasts which are fairly small. Violet wears a purple top that slips down her left shoulder showing a green tank top. She wears black jeans and sometimes shorts. Her skin is a shade of grey that is in between dark and light grey. Her lips and eyes are actually the same color of this blog box so that helps. She never wears any other make up. Coming from her messy black hair are a set of horns that look like that of the troll in my picture. Just they curve more at the ends.

 Violet is very hyper active and will only impose herself when someone else mentions her. I cannot impose her on my own she does it herself but I might just be doing it and not knowing fully. Anyway Violet is talkitive and will talk in a chill tone that no mater what is calming but when she gets upset or scared that is a different story. It makes you feel like that you want to cry or hit something. 

   Among Violet there are other tulpae that I have created. There is Nethan, a Gamzee tulpa, a Kurloz tulpa, a Karkat, a Aradia, Jeff the Killer (whoops), one named Johnny, and a few others . They all seem to get along with each other at times but some of them get agitated very easily. My tulpae show a wide veriety of emotion and knowldge that I wanted them to know since the beinging. I have learned to love each and every one of my tulpae and bond with them.

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