Now for this blog I shall instrusct you on how I mental shift and phantom shift. Now lets begin with mental shifting.

You might want to start by clearing your mind and concentrating on the thing you would like to shift into. After you have foucused on the thing, foucus on its behavior and then let the intent and will power of that thing flow through you and continue to focus on the thing. Eventually transition to start thinking that you are that thing. You should slowly start to mentally shift into the thing you wanted to be. It might not last that long if you get excited on the inside but that is normal. You need to continue to focus on it. While you are in it continue to focus on the thing but also be able to think as the thing as well.

Now, another way to go about this is to store all the mental energy of that shift in only your head and when you think you are ready to shift let it all flow through your body. Now this might cause your body to convulse and or twitch. Do not get distracted by any of the movement your body may make unless it wounds you internally. Then please do not continue. But after the movement has happened you should be in the mental shift that you had desired. If not repeat and practice until you can get into it.

Now phantom shifting is using your energy to excrete from your body and make what feels like the outer shell of the animal around you from your energy. This can help you feel like you are then animal even more when you mentally shift. 

To do this you have foucus on the space around you and focus on the animal as well. Now allow your energy flow from you and visualize yourself constructing the outer shell of that animal. Once it is complete it might use a lot of energy but it is not very hard to keep up or put back. Just focus on it a bit but focusing more on it does make it stronger. You can always try the two shifts together to feel as if you are shapeshifting. 

If anyone actually reads this then thank you and enjoy m-shifting and phantom shifting!

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