So, Nexus is always speaking of these different dimension and also while I sleep, sometimes she will - as she states- take me to another dimension spiritually. I do not always belive that they are truly there but they are still a very cool experience and open my mind to this Dimension theory that I have.

Now Nexus says there are a vast amount of Dimensions and that a majority of the medias and governments in our dimension have had "dreams" where they travel to that dimension and then later make a show or game out of it. Not all of them are like that but think of it like this. In one of the dimensions there is a whole world where the types of magick are based off of cards with glyphs on them that summon the creature from the card. Now, some of them take on firce forbidden creatures from anchient egyptian times and some take on cute and powerful forms that spew fire from their backs or surf on water to help you across things. Not saying this dimension exists but there is a possibility that it exists. 

Each of these dimensions have a number and not all dimensions contain life. Now you might ask to yourself: "Which dimension is the base dimension?" Well the base dimension is the 8th. This is the dimension that all the dimensions guardians meet about two times a year in our dimension's time. They meet here to decide different things like if they should switch dimensions for a while or so on and so forth. They do not control or own us, they only watch over us. Now each guardian owns 20 dimensions and watches over all of them. There is no exact order or pattern that they own them in. Who are these guardians? Well we know them as beings that are similar to gods and deities in other religions and myths. I still call them by their name we know them as when I run across them in my travels. 

Now what is dimension 1 you may ask? It is not the creator dimension. It is theorized by me by what Nexus tells me that the dimensions contain the mythology of the seven deadly sins. Each dominant race in dimensions 1-7 show huge ammounts of emotion of those sins. Now dimension 0 is the creator dimension. I do not know a lot about these and have not traveled to them. I have traveld through 10-1129 so I know about a bit of info on each of them. 

I hope this was an entertaining blog for everyone to read. I hope this makes you think a bit more then usual.

Any questions just ask.

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