So, I do not know if anyone has really noticed other then maybe one person but I have not been very active on here lately. Well, acutually not at all. But that is besides the matter. So lets begin with a series of events that happened to me recently:

I had been sick and tired of being treated in way where I wasn't trusted by a few people who just have trust issues (meaning I over reacted) so I had talked to one the things Nexus has pulled into me named Xavian. (If you want me to make a single blog about him, I will just ask.) He had told me he would take me out of my body and make Nexus the owner of it if I ever felt like leaving. So that day I had accepted his offer, thinking nothing would happen and to my surprise he had actually taken me out of my body. I had seen my own body in front of me and watched it fall to the floor until Nexus could take over. Xavian decided to take me to another dimension with him and appearently the ten years I spent there was only about 4 days here so I have no clue how that works. Anyway, I had ended up back in my body after Xavian had given up on trying to make me blend in with the dimension's humanoid race. I had ended up being put into Cecil's head and was then pulled out and put back into my body. It took about 2 more days for me to become the owner of my body again because Nexus had "grounded" me. Apppearently, Cecil and her were very scared and worried about me.

So after that happened, a new girl came to my school who looks similar to one of the people I had became aquainted to when I was in the other dimension. It scares me and pains me to see this. I have also messed up my sense of time so I never know what time of the day it is unless I look at a clock. So don't trust me in a cave. But anyway, today the girl was put into my biology class just recently because she was being "bullied" in her other class. I had fallen asell me what it may be then please cof anyone can tell me what it may be then please cof anyone can tell me what it may be then please con anyone can tell me what it may be then please contact me. Necklace

Thanks for reading,


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