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    July 19, 2014 by HeroOfTheEightChakras

    It was love on first sight.

    He stared at her, completely cultivated, nothing deterring his stare.

    His parents knew that longing feel, they understood him.

    His parents allowed him to bring her home, she woke up slowly but surely.

    She knew not where she was, but she had a sense of duty.

    She worked with him, they played together, they worked together.

    They were in bliss.

    Months had past.

    In a blink of an eye, they shared they're growth, slowly coming of age.

    Unlike him, she grew faster.

    Determined to stay together, him and her continued on with they're lives.

    Years had passed.

    She was growing tired quickly.

    Slowly, she wiltled away, he became worried.

    Then that horrible day came.

    No matter how much he cared for her.

    No matter how much she cared for him.

    It wa…

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  • HeroOfTheEightChakras

    The UHCS hosted this weekend is UHCS 1 and UHCS 2 All participants must sign up below, the type of sparing is a "Team Core Access Spar" as there shall be teams of 2 throughout the whole event.

    Core Access Spar (Explained by Psylocke) --- Psylocke told me how a core access spar works, though i don't completely remember all the details, i shall explain some and edit in the rest later. a core access spar is when you construct a shield, the point of the spar is the destroy the shield, get past the aura, get past the energy system, then hit the core, once the core is hit, that person is out and the other person wins.

    A Team version of core access spar is very simple to explain, basically you have to hit the other teams core to get that one person…

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  • HeroOfTheEightChakras

    I have an idea people O3o lol a tournament! and this is no small tournament, i was thinking of a HUGE tournament, it shall go into about anywhere between 16, to 96 members if this is popular enough. anyways we shall decide the tournament in this blog, if you want to join, just say so in the comments, also you must have an account to spar. also when you choose to enter, also choose the type of tournament you would like.


    Juggernaut (3v1)

    Juggernaut is a type of sparring where it is 3v1, the Juggernaut is allowed to go all out, while the other 3 opponents aren't allowed more then one shield, one powerup, and only allowed weak made ki balls. If the 3 lose, the juggernaut gets to kick out 2 of the 3…

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  • HeroOfTheEightChakras

    I found that the chat won't open, just wait a few days guys, i think wikia is doing some work on the chat system

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  • HeroOfTheEightChakras

    -Closed the opening now, its been like 4 months-

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