It was love on first sight.

He stared at her, completely cultivated, nothing deterring his stare.

His parents knew that longing feel, they understood him.

His parents allowed him to bring her home, she woke up slowly but surely.

She knew not where she was, but she had a sense of duty.

She worked with him, they played together, they worked together.

They were in bliss.

Months had past.

In a blink of an eye, they shared they're growth, slowly coming of age.

Unlike him, she grew faster.

Determined to stay together, him and her continued on with they're lives.

Years had passed.

She was growing tired quickly.

Slowly, she wiltled away, he became worried.

Then that horrible day came.

No matter how much he cared for her.

No matter how much she cared for him.

It was all over now.

He gently held her mouse, sobbing gently over his dying love.

She slowly typed to him.

"I love you."

And then.

It was all over.

The power cord was unplugged.

She was mourned.

He cried.

Years had gone by, the boy was a grown man at this point.

His name was Kile.

...And he still lived in his parents basement.

XD Kile x Computer.

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