UHCS shall be hosted this weekend! (July 6th and 7th)

The UHCS hosted this weekend is UHCS 1 and UHCS 2 All participants must sign up below, the type of sparing is a "Team Core Access Spar" as there shall be teams of 2 throughout the whole event.

Core Access Spar (Explained by Psylocke) --- Psylocke told me how a core access spar works, though i don't completely remember all the details, i shall explain some and edit in the rest later. a core access spar is when you construct a shield, the point of the spar is the destroy the shield, get past the aura, get past the energy system, then hit the core, once the core is hit, that person is out and the other person wins.

A Team version of core access spar is very simple to explain, basically you have to hit the other teams core to get that one person out of the other team. Both members however must have their cores hit before that team is out, so 1 team can still be in the UHCS if only 1 of the teammates is knocked out.

There is also another element im adding to the UHCS, if any amount of teams are left standing after 1 hour (say there were 4 teams to start and there are only 3 teams left, 2 teams with only 1 member left, and 1 team with both members left) Then Avin joins in a tries to knock you out of the UHCS by hitting your cores. To beat avin you must continually attack her and make her too tired to continue. If there is 1 team left after beating avin, then that team is claimed victor, if there are still 2 teams or more left, then they must continue to fight each other till the other is out of the competition by hitting there core. If all teams fail by avin knocking out all teams cores, then we shall call Avin as the victor of this weeks UHCS.

Rules List

1) No taking breaks during the UHCS, you most remain constantly active during the spar.

2) No making new shields after the UHCS is started

3) Hacking of shields is only allowed, anything else past the shield is not allowed to be effected by hacking (Aura, Energy systems, etc.)

4) Teams aren't allowed to team up with other teams

5) Only a maximum of 4 constructs are allowed to join in the spar for each person (No regenerative constructs, and no constructs that repair shields allowed)

6) The shield is not allowed to be regenerative

7) only use your own energy (absorbed energy counts as your own energy after you absorb it)


Participant: (Account Name Here)

Why you would like to Enter: (Explain Here)


Copy paste the participant sign up sheets into the comments below.

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