I have an idea people O3o lol a tournament! and this is no small tournament, i was thinking of a HUGE tournament, it shall go into about anywhere between 16, to 96 members if this is popular enough. anyways we shall decide the tournament in this blog, if you want to join, just say so in the comments, also you must have an account to spar. also when you choose to enter, also choose the type of tournament you would like.


Juggernaut (3v1)

Juggernaut is a type of sparring where it is 3v1, the Juggernaut is allowed to go all out, while the other 3 opponents aren't allowed more then one shield, one powerup, and only allowed weak made ki balls. If the 3 lose, the juggernaut gets to kick out 2 of the 3 opponents out of the tournament, if the 3 win, then the juggernaut is voted out, and then the 3 must choose which one of the 3 is kicked out, the finale to this type of spar shall be a 1v1v1v1 just as a heads up.

Shield Spar (1v1)

This type of spar is 1v1, the person with their shield still standing after the others has broken wins.

Team Shield Spar (2v2, or 4v4)

This type of spar is either 2v2 or 4v4, the team with at least one member with their shield still up wins. the finale shall end up being a 1v1 or a 1v1v1v1, just a heads up to people.

So there you have it! this spar tournament shall be over the entire OEC. so we shall have many people show up, this is not an advertisement for any OEC community as it shall be over skype with 1 scanner, or over tinychat with one scanner, the winner shall get a gift from the host of this tournament, anyways the gift will be a $25 dollar gift card of the winners choosing (visa, mastercard, itunes card, etc), and after i have totalled all the participants and votes for the tournament type, we shall begin. I am also competing in this, just to let you know, but anyways sign up in the comments a viola! (i recomment either team shield spar or shield spar being chosen O3o) "EDIT: The tournament entry deadline is july the 5th, 2013 or 5/07/2013" EDIT the tournament will be held on the 13th-14th of july"

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