Changelings are creatures of European folklore. They are harsh and mischievous with the nature to kill. Probably the most feared faery type and inhabitant of the otherworld. Changelings haunt our media and fill our story books. I know my first encounter with the folklore was from a book.

So what are changelings? Changelings and the offspring of a species classified as Faery or Fae specifically elves or faeries but also gnomes, merfolk, silkies, trolls and other inhabitants of the otherworld. For the offspring to be classified as an actual changeling it had to be replaced with the child of another species specifically humans but it’s also possible for other more humanoid species. Generally when saying replaced I mean that the human offspring is taken away into the otherworld.

The future of the human child

Well this part is clouded in a particular mystery as it is largely unknown. Generally the human child will either become a servant or killed but it is also said the child may be taken for the love of the child or out of malice so it generally depends on who takes the child and their personal reason. It is also said that changelings are to prevent inbreeding in species so that it keeps a wide and large gene pool over all the species. Maybe it’s possible we have fae human hybrids among us but who knows.

It has been said that elderly fae can become changelings so they can be well cared for in their ill health or fragile state of being.

Little is known about changelings but the culture and beauty of the artwork and folklore of them is amazing. Although I do hope no one takes this fantastic tradition to their advantage. Changelings are obvious to who they are and stand out quite a lot. They are easy to spot

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