You spend so much time practiceing many types of kinesis, yet what what if all your results were due to a thing called static electricity? There are ways to noice the diffrence, I will tell you a few. This also says how to see the fakers from the real psions.

Static electricity does this:

It is possible to do that with your hands as i have seen in a science class. It can easly be mistaken for hydrokinesis. The only diffrence is hydrokinesis is using your mind, static electricity is gained from friction.Static electricity can also light fires, create the illusion of electrokinesis or even energy manipulation.How static electricity works(basics)? 

A little on atomic stucture of a atomA atom is made of three things; protons and neutrons these both make the nuculus of the atom, and finnally electrons. Protons have a positive charge, neutrons have no charge and last of all electrons are negitively charged. On to static electricityElectrons can be passed from or to other atoms. Creating static electricity is done by electrons being passed from one atom to anouther, by the two atoms being rubbed agenst eachother. This makes the object negitivly charged as it has more electrons and ether negitivly or positivly charged.*Rubbing a polythene rod with a dry cloth transfers electrons to the surface atoms from the cloth the rod. This makes the rod negitivly charged as it has more electrons which are negitivly charged.

  • Rubbing perspex rod with a dry cloth then becomes positvly charged.

How this can trick youTwo objects with the same type of charge repeal eachother and two objects with diffrent types of charge attract eachother. These two points can easly decive you. Rubbing your hands together creates static electricity, this is the same with rubbing your hands agenst anything really.I will leave the rest for people to think about and research.Thank you for reading!

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