True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity - or political idiology.

It is believed every human and species on this planet falls into two groups male and female but there is more to this then what meets the eye. There are many beliefs about these two very different groups and the science behind shows a lot. A common misconception is only to see male or female but infact there is another biological gender for humans which is called hermaphrodite. Hermphrodites are both male and female containing both parts but usually in mammals nonfunctional. In some species there is an extra which is asexual so neither that is seen with bacterium. In most species females can peform asexual activities to produce clones known as daughters.
Male and female superb fairy wren

Superb Fairy Wren male on the left and female on the right.

When reading this you maybe thinking what has this got to do with psychic abilities but it has a lot more then you would learn generally by psionics. Both sexes are believed to have individual and unique energy. Female energy is supposed to be very different to male and better with certain activities depending on the culture. This demorphism means it is believed that a person of one sex is not as good at one thing compared to the other, although not seen in the west pacific islands believe in this unusual diamorphism. Hermphrodites are seen as the best of both with equal and balanced energy so seen as being better at rituals.

Infact hermphrodites are more then that in nature where they are usually more successful if they can asexually breed to because it means they do not need to find and impress a male to reproduce.

Many cultures believe in creatures which take the form of a certain gender for their activities such as the kitsune or tanuki.

Thank you for reading!

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