• HydraGod


    July 30, 2013 by HydraGod

    Hello, Hydra here. Im here because I want to talk about the mods being abit assumptions and jumping to conclusions, Lately It has seemed to be happening more and more often and I know it has been the cause of some people leaving the site. Today I noticed Evan (Vegeta8370) talking in his own weird ways when Amber told him to stop he continued, she warned him again, he kept going then Amber said last chance, he stopped and said fine and Amber banned him anyways. Of course, I blew it off, like it was no big deal but I really was starting to notice mods being a bit harsh, and If you say anything your kicked/banned as well! Anyway life goes on and then a man named Devil666 comes on and everyone assumes its evan and I don't know what happened to…

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  • HydraGod


    June 15, 2013 by HydraGod

    Hey guys its me, hydra, As some of you may have heard I am leaving. Now before you become all worried I am coming back. I am going away for long term training from somewhere around July 1st anywhere to October 1st. I may not come back because this site is disintegrating faster than salt in water. I really hope the site is better when I am back because all of the interesting people have been leaving, I will still come online but no longer every day like normal. Ill see you all later, cya later ~#hydra⚡

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