Hello, Hydra here. Im here because I want to talk about the mods being abit assumptions and jumping to conclusions, Lately It has seemed to be happening more and more often and I know it has been the cause of some people leaving the site. Today I noticed Evan (Vegeta8370) talking in his own weird ways when Amber told him to stop he continued, she warned him again, he kept going then Amber said last chance, he stopped and said fine and Amber banned him anyways. Of course, I blew it off, like it was no big deal but I really was starting to notice mods being a bit harsh, and If you say anything your kicked/banned as well! Anyway life goes on and then a man named Devil666 comes on and everyone assumes its evan and I don't know what happened to him but he was back later. Anyway we are on chat its dead as usual and conversations start up, But what I also see is mods siding with people with kick/ban at their beck and call if you dare say they might be false. Not all mods/Admins/bureaucrats are like that though, but some are if they are in relationships or friends with others. Anyway I say Alvin's hot juice box because it was from a kids show and I thought it was funny, Apparently everyone thought I was being dirty and Eros kicked me I came back showing that it was just a show and they denied it so we "moved on." Anyway I was banned by amber for doing something, So I logged on to an older Account I had to apoligize and ask why I was banned, They were quite rude if I say so myself (Usual from That group of people(Not you stormmer)) anyway I said I was sorry and I would leave immediately as they were "YELLING LIKE THIS" and I was leaving but I got banned by Amber just like Evan got banned. And all of this has started to get on my nerve! Mods/Admins/bureaucrats shouldn't be so presumptious! Thats all, hopefully you will actually read this instead of banning me longer (Sean) threatening (Oka) Being to quick (Amber) or just being at the right place wrong time (Stormmer) I have screenshots If you want them, Thanks ~Hydra⚡

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