• HylianMoon


    April 1, 2014 by HylianMoon

    Yes, I'm afraid that this is where I leave this site. I'm afraid that this site has diverted from its original purpose, and has chosen a closed-minded path that I cannot continue to follow. I don't intend to return to this site, but I may come back if you ever wise up and choose new leaders.

    Frankly, I doubt that will ever happen. But one can hope, can they not?



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  • HylianMoon

    Seriously, people? "Fictional Information"? If this is "fictional", then so is every other page on this stinking Wiki!

    Sounds more like you're taking your fear of the dark to the extreme, and deleting anything that would teach people how to manipulate it.

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  • HylianMoon

    We made this blog to clear up a few myths regarding Umbrakinesis, the most misunderstood of Psychokinesis branches. Also called Shadow Manipulation (Or Darkness Manipulation, if you prefer.), Umbrakinesis is the manipulation of shadows and darkness. It may also relate to the manipulation of Dark PSI (Pure PSI mixed with shadows that the user absorbs.), though this is an entirely different ability that we will not be discussing in this blog.

    Now that you know exactly what Umbrakinesis is, we will now state a few myths regarding it as well as tell you the truth behind each myth.

    This is probably the biggest (And most annoying.) of all of the myths. Darkness is simply the absence of light, and therefore does not have a mind of its own. While it…

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