We made this blog to clear up a few myths regarding Umbrakinesis, the most misunderstood of Psychokinesis branches. Also called Shadow Manipulation (Or Darkness Manipulation, if you prefer.), Umbrakinesis is the manipulation of shadows and darkness. It may also relate to the manipulation of Dark PSI (Pure PSI mixed with shadows that the user absorbs.), though this is an entirely different ability that we will not be discussing in this blog.

Now that you know exactly what Umbrakinesis is, we will now state a few myths regarding it as well as tell you the truth behind each myth.

Myth #1: Darkness is naturally evil.

This is probably the biggest (And most annoying.) of all of the myths. Darkness is simply the absence of light, and therefore does not have a mind of its own. While it can be used for evil, it is not evil in itself; darkness can be used for good, just as light can be used for evil. Think: The sun can burn and blind people, cause cancer, and cause multiple heat-related problems. However, it is also necessary for sight and warmth as well as the growth of plants, which people and animals need to eat and breath. Darkness is also good and bad at the same time. While it can obscure sight and prevent the growth of plants, it also allows night to exist as we know it, protects us from the damaging effects of the sun, and gives nocturnal creatures a time to hunt without the interference of diurnal creatures. It's also very calming to certain people. (Like myself.)

Myth #2: Umbrakinesis uses negative energy.

Umbrakinesis is the manipulation of shadows and\or darkness, which is simply the absence of light. The manipulation of negative energy is an entirely different (And possibly dangerous.) ability, and does not relate to Umbrakinesis in any way.

Myth #3: Umbrakinesis will make you depressed and bitter.

No it will not. Umbrakinesis cannot change your mood; you change your mood. However, it is possible to become depressed from lack of sunlight. (Unless you're like me and get depressed by sunlight.)

Myth #4: Umbrakinesis does not exist.

The heck it doesn't. Umbrakinesis and all other techniques exist, and are actually easier to attain than the media makes them out to be.

Myth #5: Umbrakinesis, and all other abilities, are satanic abilities gained by selling your soul.

Typical religious brainwashing. PSI is not even related to Witchcraft, and is far from satanic. (Witchcraft is not satanic either, but we're not here to discuss Witchcraft.) The reason for this myth is the fact that humanity typically fears what it does not understand, and religions (Christianity and its variations, especially.) take advantage of that fact to gain more power over the people. So before you jump to conclusions and put a label on something, THINK ABOUT IT for a moment.

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