This video has worked for alot of people, If you'd like an extremely helpful tool in becoming a psion then watch this video everyday for 1-3  times a day.

As you watch it focus on your intention, For example: Do you want to become powerful telekinetic, Bioketic, telepathic, etc? Visualize being extremely efficient at those techniques as you watch the video. The added focus will amplify it's effect of it.

If you'd like you listen to this why'll do the actual practice itself.

You should start noticing small changes after a few days, Than big changes after a few weeks or months. This video works by sending commands in your subconscious mind that you are a powerful psychic, Therefore bringing out your latent innate psionic potential. After a while you won't need the video because you'd be fully convinced 100% that you are a powerful psion.

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