So I was traversing the internet and doing random stuff as I always do when I came across a wondeful video known as "The Tulpa Generator." The purpose of this video is to use a silhouette and white noise to make a tulpa. The downside is you have no control over the tulpa and it will be just like meeting a new person. The video was made by a person on YouTube who goes by "Shrouded Hand" and I would like to see if this video works for some of you. In the description of the video it contains some important information you should read prior to starting the video although this won't really do any harm to you. This video ensures a human form to the tulpa and you won't have to do any work aside from the final tulpaforcing. So I hope those who try this video have luck BUT this isn't a one-shot thing. Remember that this video should be watched a few times (once a day) until the image of your tulpa and it's voice becomes clear very shortly after starting the video. Good luck.


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