What are Attack Types

Attack Types Are ways to release your power from your hand it ways to make it twice as powerful. This will also make your hand and mind more synced. The Power I found using these techniques are over the top. I wanted to share the ways to use the power of your mind to your hands

Flat Bend

Get Your palm and fingers flat then bend and spread your fingers for a wide short range attack. this trick is used by water and ice attacks for their default move or attack. This Thanks A short amount of time. Now get your hand ready in the pose and focus your energy going to your palm and fingertips and throw your energy first out of your palm then your fingers

Curved Platform

Get your hand flat curve your fingers in to an half cylinder. this will hold and build up your attack. It Takes 2 months to perfect for the average person. Now once you have your attack ready and built up thrust your hand forward to release your attack from your palm. its a far and the size of the attack is medium power. But if trained long enough It can be VERY DEADLY.

Deadly Dome 

Get your palm and fingers flat then stick your fingers up making a dome type structure with your fingers. Inside the dome should be your attack. once your have your attack ready point your fingers at your target this is full on rage and wide attack. Now for how to do the attack power up your attack on the dome and now make sure your attack is attached to your fingers. Then point the attack on your target

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