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  • I live in In a cardboard box.
  • I was born on December 7
  • My occupation is Vagabond
  • I am I doubt you care what my gender is, unless you're stalking me. Now that I've acknowledged that you're stalking me, I could say whatever I want and you'd never know if it was the truth.
  • ImmortalOracle

    I've experienced or have seen these abilities and was wondering what they are called:

    1. Invulnerability to cold. Mostly, I was wondering what this might be classified as, like Cryokinesis, Thermokinesis, Biokinesis, etc.
    2. Instinctive knowledge. I believe that this one falls under Hypercognition, but I was wondering if there might be another name for this. one example of this ability would be the 'Gift of Tongues'
    3. Reflexive Self-Healing.
    4. Blackouts in which you are conscious of doing something, yet are not fully in control. When this happened to me, I rarely remember doing the things done in this curious state of mind, but I do remember the details of the said deed, and the fact of having done it. I have little doubt that this is not related to Ps…
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  • ImmortalOracle

    Origins of psi?

    June 11, 2013 by ImmortalOracle

    I think i also have a theory about how the abilities we know as psionics came to be. 

    Take a look at the world around you; we are surrounded by technology that permits our comfort and survival in what would otherwise be a harsh environment. before we learnt to change the world around us with the technology we treat as deities, the human race as it is now would not have survived. 

    Therefore, the species Homo Sapiens, and its predecessors habilis, erectus, floriensis, etc. must have been (for lack of a better phrase) attuned to the natural world around them. perhaps their vision was sharper, perhaps their reflexes were quicker. perhaps, as many of us have felt at least once, they were able to feel when something wasn't right. you know, what we k…

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