I've experienced or have seen these abilities and was wondering what they are called:

  1. Invulnerability to cold. Mostly, I was wondering what this might be classified as, like Cryokinesis, Thermokinesis, Biokinesis, etc.
  2. Instinctive knowledge. I believe that this one falls under Hypercognition, but I was wondering if there might be another name for this. one example of this ability would be the 'Gift of Tongues'
  3. Reflexive Self-Healing.
  4. Blackouts in which you are conscious of doing something, yet are not fully in control. When this happened to me, I rarely remember doing the things done in this curious state of mind, but I do remember the details of the said deed, and the fact of having done it. I have little doubt that this is not related to Psionics, but I'd still like to know if anyone else here has experienced this.
  5. Time-lapse, or when time seems to pass at abnormal rates, like how hours pass in what feels like five minutes of sleep.
  6. And lastly, this. This ability, occasionally known in popular culture as 'battle-mind', is something that, as far as I know, occurs at certain points to pretty much everyone, when adrenaline is pumped into the brain and the brain is capable of slowing its perception of time, in order to react at otherwise unreachable speeds. However, more important is the ability to control this aptitude at any given time.

Does anyone know what these are? I am not asking if any of these are related to Psionics, because, realistically, at least one of them isn't.

ImmortalOracle (talk) 17:34, June 13, 2013 (UTC)

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