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  • JashouxOblivion

    The Library

    June 29, 2013 by JashouxOblivion

    I've been meaning to bring this subject up for a while... It would have been selfish of me not to, but for the time being I will be spending less time on this wiki, yes I lied that I was going to be coming on consistantly but I have a reason why... I was debating on whether or not to tell all of you about this BIG SECRET keeping this to myself would be, well, immature and selfish of me. Imagine the ability to know all, to be omnicient so to speak, to pick a subject and then instantly know everything. At first I was hesitant to tell all of you for many reasons, like some of you wouldn't believe what I say, some of you wouldn't be able to handle the power, all of these were canceled out as I learned more about the subject. The Library.


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  • JashouxOblivion

    I will be holding a pyrokinesis seminar next week on Monday from 6-7 if you are interested comment so I can know how many people will come and just see if anyone is interested and what topics youd like me to cover

    The Seminar Will Be Held In PsiWiki's Chat

    6-7 P.M. Eastern U.S. Time

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  • JashouxOblivion

    I'm Back

    June 8, 2013 by JashouxOblivion

    Your beloved JashouxOblivion has returned this is the third time I've left for longterm training, as you all know my 1st Wikiversary is on July 10th I hope to recieve the privilige of getting moderator or admin since i will come back consistantly after next week (because I have finals)

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  • JashouxOblivion

    Hello, Men of Science, Christian Bashing Athiests, and Curious Christians/Catholics, I'm here to explain my theory of the Bible and hopefully convert some of you skeptics. Some of the things I hate most about speaking with my students is the Bible which, every now and then, comes up. With 20 some of them arguing about religion, this is how I explained it with the Science of it as the questions came up. I'll start from the begining: 

    1. Big Bang Theory vs Creation of Earth: God created the world by doing that. SCHMIENCE!

    2. Garden of Eden vs The Evolution of Man from Ape to Modern Day Homo sapien: At the begining God created man from dirt and named him Adam, {insert Lilith if you are an Orthodox Jew or Pagan or Satanist or Demonologist, etc} …

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  • JashouxOblivion

    Tommorow, November 5, Anonomyous marches

    Thanks, Electron for telling me about this we should be aware of the Revolution and we should decide for ourselves whether they are good or bad, post your opinion in the comments

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