Hi I am JashouxOblivion first off I will tell you why I'm writing this "Why does no one believe me?!" Is the question I ask myself discovering this wiki I would have never none there are others like me, I am always thinking "Am I the only one" Well now I know I am not the only Pyrokinetic person, not the only Aerokinetic person, I'm not the only one who has dream visions. I always knew there were other Telekinetic people and have heard of the term Terrainesis which is the reason I discovered this wiki I am practicing Terrakinesis and Hydrokinesis(which I can't seem to get down) I had naturally been able to do everything naturally (LOL) except for Hydro and Terrakinesis and now back to the question no one believes me they no I can read auras and see ghosts but "Control Fire and Wind your such a liar" well that's exactly why I'm on here to learn more so I can be better at this stuff and learn more than to blow "Wind" and take away the fact people think I'm a liar, any suggestions on what I should learn to really impress them? (I haven't done telekinesis cause there skeptics and will probably think it's a trick)Soon I will learn Chronokinesis and Pnemokinesis( as my friends would probably call Persuasion)

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