Ok wtf if u guys ASSUME I was bullying ur wrong cause when u assume u make an ass out of u and me (get it assume ass u me) so really wtf I wasnt bullying I was arguing with duck all I said was Who the Duck R U and he flipped out seriously what the d- er nevermind and then I appologised so hed calm down and stop talking cause i was tired and no longer felt like arguing and I didnt everyone to be pissed next thing I know Im sitting there explaining howmI didnt know elephants could eat grapes and what do u know, Me and Bigguy are banned so I appologise for whatever I did and also I was bluffing about adopting the wiki which u guys ALL knew and acted like u didnt to get pissed at someone and now all I wanna know is how long Im banned for and if u guys forgive me so until then, bye

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