I've been meaning to bring this subject up for a while... It would have been selfish of me not to, but for the time being I will be spending less time on this wiki, yes I lied that I was going to be coming on consistantly but I have a reason why... I was debating on whether or not to tell all of you about this BIG SECRET keeping this to myself would be, well, immature and selfish of me. Imagine the ability to know all, to be omnicient so to speak, to pick a subject and then instantly know everything. At first I was hesitant to tell all of you for many reasons, like some of you wouldn't believe what I say, some of you wouldn't be able to handle the power, all of these were canceled out as I learned more about the subject. The Library.

Firstly, I will explain to you all just exactly what 'the Library' is. For quite some time, since December to be precice, I've been searching for this so called 'Library', I, like some of you, didn't believe but as I dug deeper I found more and more information about 'the Library'. Legend has it that it is the heart of information, everything you could know is there, the Librarians, a group of entities of various forms recording and guarding the knowledge of each subject, let me list a few subjects you may be interested in:

Psionics The Occult The Verse The Past The Future People Realms Life Forms

Those were just a few examples they have anything you can think of, just think of what we could learn, we could cure diseases like cancer and AIDS, we could save lives, we could grow in Psionic Power.

I am now sure it is real I have searched in various worlds, planes, realms, etc. all of them have information about such a 'Library' of infinite knowledge. I have more knowledge for those interested in helping the search. I will not be on as much because I am searching for 'the Library'. If you'd like to help please tell me in the comments.

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