This is just a short list of recommended resources about psi, feel free to put more in comments.

  •    The second psi site I've visited that had good info; a lot of it!
  •    Basic EM, psiball, basic empathy and telepathy
  •    A society of magicians (psi-/chi-/ki-/etc. users)
  •    A forum (obviously!) (UPDATE: not very active)
  •    Less structured than this site, but a few gems for beginners if you have the time to look for them
  •    The beginner pages are good, though I haven't looked at the advanced pages yet
  •    It's sort of like PsiWikia
  •    Has spells used by others, which means that any summoning spells there probably have more power than homemade spells (their spirits have more practice than your own ones)
  •    Not updated often, but a LOT of good info. I learned a lot about summoning from here, and it has examples for most techniques (easier to understand). Almost all of the articles are actually free, even though the exercises being subscription-only is slightly misleading.
  •    I just found this, so I'm still going through it, but it seems to have at least a few good articles
  • AVOID (may/may not be bogus, but $144 per year fee. Fees are always a reason to be suspicious, no matter how sound their reasons for them are)
  • The Kybalion    An introduction to hermetics (a semi-'scientific' view of energy manipulation and alchemy). Even if you don't like its views, it still has many excellent gems of information

This is BY NO MEANS a complete list, but there are some good starting points.

Last Update: 7/18/2015

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