The user can:

Pyrokinesis: The user can control,generate,manipulate fire and the fire qualities.

Pyrokinesis Immunity: The user's body can be immune to all of fire qualities without burning and melting the users body from any harm.

Sun's temperature: The user can have all of the temperature of the sun without burning,melting the user's whole body

Heat temperature: To have all heat from any heat source and have the temperature from the heat source in the user's body without hurting,harmful.melting etc.

Pyrokinesis temperature: To have all of the heat and temperature from pyrokinesis and have it all from the user's body.

Fire Generation: The user can generate all fire and all the qualities of fire.

Pyrokinesis Generation: The user can generate all pyrokinesis without burning, melting, without getting harmful results.

Pyrokinesis Absorption: The user can absorb Pyrokinesis and other fire qualities without burning and without melting without harmful effects,

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