Im sorry to say but i think im going to go into training for a while i need to get a little bit better at my kinetics

........ well as much as i love going on this chat i also hate when people become negative and start talking about stuff that doesnt even closely relate to psi energy or even kinetics. i also accept the fact that magick is real but i will never do it!! though this site has ecome great i cant accept the fact that the site i used to know is crumbling to pieces with negative people, conversations and all that. If any of the moderators decide to ban me for simply speaking my mind and my own free speech so be it. god gave me the right to speak my mind. all i want is for us to be better happier people or at least try to become those people. i want psi wikia to be a helpful community a nicer one and to help those who want to learn a chance ive also been thinking id like to be a kinetic teacher finding and giving tips to new psychics and teach them the abilities i have learned.

please allow peace into your life and all could be good

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