This is something that I found out today by accident.Today I was coughing a lot and suddenly an idea come to my mind which is the negative energy removal. I visualize that the sickness (cough) is a form of negative energy and I create a psiball with the negative energy and then release it. I felt a lot better after doing this, I stop coughing right after doing this. I believe this can be use together with healing especially leeching. After leaching the negative energy, create a psiball by using the negative energy and release it. It is recommended that you convert the energy to something positive before releasing it because at the time I found out this is possible (negative energy removal) I didn't convert the energy to something positive and I just threw the psiball away and my friend which is sitting near me in school suddenly started coughing although it is not as serious as mine before the negative energy removal. There are many things you can do with this negative energy psiball for example throw it at somebody to make them sick, I believe this is possible because my friend sitting near me cough after I threw the psiball so most probably you can make someone sick with this method. This technique is actually a variation of energy releasing under the topic of energy manipulation. Use this method I shared wisely, try not to use it to hurt others but use it to bring good to others such as using this to heal people from negative emotions and sickness by leeching the negative energy and releasing it with the negative energy removal method. Lastly, I apologize for grammar mistakes if any.

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