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  • I am Completely insane. Also a wolf. Oh, and a Dragon. Probably an avocado too.
  • KibaTheWolf

    Progress in my training

    February 8, 2014 by KibaTheWolf

    Ok, since i have no idea of what to do with these "Wikia blogs", ill use it to keep track of my progress : D

    'Atmokinesis'At the first days on the wikia, i discovered i have a natural talent for Atmokinesis, i havent been able to train it so much since i had some problems with my energy and chakras. But i did train it a little so im able to create storms and rain, altought storms take lots of time and energy to create, they dont last long, i dont know if its because of my lack of training or because nature likes being a dick to me. Creating rains is kinda easy but again, they dont last long, but the good part is that im at summer and this year summer can get to 40 C so rain helps a little XD.

    My tech: I talked to some people that practice …

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